Sheila Blanco reveals the history of music classics with songs that have gone viral

Sheila Blanco reveals the history of music classics with songs that have gone viral

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Almost every day phenomena appear that go viral, but not all of them are exactly didactic. This one that we are going to talk about is really interesting from our point of view, since thanks to its author, many children (and adults) know much more about the history of classical music authors than we were able to learn in our music classes. school music.

We talk about the ingenious compositions of jazz singer and La Voz Kids teacher, Sheila Blanco.

At the moment, the series that he has baptized as “bioclassics”, It only has two songs (the last one from yesterday) that have had a huge impact with millions of views.

The first of them was that of "Bach is God”And using the chords of the famous“Badinerie”Of the German composer, narrated the works and biography of this great author.

Now returns with a second installment of the series: "Mozart, a great boy" who has exceeded expectations due to the difficulty of the rhythm of his “Piano Sonata No. 11 in A Major”.

And since it is a sonata with a slightly high rhythm, we leave you the lyrics so that you can sing it with your children or… alone.

Lyrics for "Mozart: A Great Boy", by Sheila Blanco

Once upon a time, a cool kid
who learned to play and compose before speaking,
Amadeus was in the movie
Mozart for others.

It was with his dad
from here to there
surprising Reyes and high society
and breaking many dexterity records at a young age:

At 4 he plays the harpsichord,
at 6 he already mastered the violin,
read music at sight
and improvise like John Coltrane.

Once upon a time, a cool kid
and his father, a savvy 'manual,
they tour Europe for years,
showing off the kid.

For the Courts of Munich, Paris, London and The Hague
and in his native Austria he enthralled the Emperor.

In Versailles The Mozarts
they play for King Louis XV;
his first Oratory at the age of 9 ended.

The truth is that the Mozartian work today has no parallel
because, as a good virtuoso, he did everything, you see!
between concerts, symphonies, masses, operas, sonatas, arias, they totaled 626.

The pianoforte and Johann Sebastian Bach worked very hard
and it was so good that he played his keyboard without looking.
His handwritten scores were made without crossing out and he became very famous, a rock star.

But as it happens today in our social networks,
Mozart also had the odd hater,
a contemporary composer of his named Antonio Salieri
but this could never be proven.

The fact is that if you see the movie called Amadeus
there Salieri in the reincarnation of evil, and yes, he is branded as
an undesirable, envious and impostor who brings poor Amadeus to his end.

What can be said that has not been said about Mozart!
That his music heals the soul and moves the heart.

That his work is the cornerstone of classicism and that it was a great loss how young he died.

And although man always worked from sunrise to sunset, he suffered his hardships.

And although Mozart was never in Istanbul, what you hear the Turkish March is, Sonata in A major, Rondo ..

* Reference to your K626.

Of course, we can't think of a better way to hook the little ones to learning the history of music.

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Previous video: "Bach is God"

Lyrics for "Bach is God" by Sheila Blanco

When it comes to composition,
there are many authors who deserve a program:
Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Debussy,
all of them are unrepeatable.

But there is one that is unmatched
because his musical legacy is colossal.

It is baroque, lavish, spiritual, indescribable,
it is the music of God, Johann Sebastian Bach.

If you went to Mars to live,
take with you the passion of San Mateo.

If you need relaxation and flow,
listen to the Goldberg variations
and the Brandenburg Concerts.

Do not forget Suite number 2 minor in Si,
that catches you, subjugates you, illuminates you,
It sublimates you, it hallucinates you, finishing this Badinerie.

What a currant uncle that was Mister Bach!
all day composes that composes,
but the thing does not end there, no, no!

Besides composing and having 20 children,
He was a singer, harpsichordist, violinist, organist and violist
and German and Lutheran.

But the craziest thing in his story
is that when J.S.
his immense legacy
was buried
and Felix Mendelssohn had to arrive
to enforce the work of Juan Sebastián Bach
and build your reputation almost from scratch.

More than three centuries ago
and his works are heard every day.

What would Bach have done with a good Instagram!
If in the seventeenth century there had been internet,
Bach tweeting his little parts, more retweets than Rosalía,
and with his white youtuber wig.

If you are tired of reggaeton,
listen to Bach and pay attention,
in its eighth notes
and sixteenth notes
there is the history of our humanity.

Do not waste time and go enjoy,
if ever there was a God it was Juan Sebastian Bach.

We look forward to the Sheila's upcoming compositions to learn a little more about some of the many geniuses that classical music has given. We can't think of a better teacher.

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